Kevin Calmes- Legacy Painting owner

Legacy Painting is a full-service interior and exterior painting company based in Edmond, Oklahoma. We provide skilled, professional commercial painting services and residential painting services throughout Edmond and the Oklahoma City area.

Our specialty is giving your home a new look that reflects your style! Our paint suppliers include Sherwin Williams and Munger Paint & Wallcovering in Oklahoma City. We work closely with our clients to pick the perfect paint and style to suit their vision.

Owner, Kevin Calmes, is THE ONLY ACCREDITED MEMBER of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) IN OKLAHOMA. PDCA ACCREDITATION is a mark of professional certification indicating that Legacy Painting has gone the extra step to separate itself from the competition. Accreditation means that Legacy Painting has met all of the qualifications and has agreed to abide by the best practices. As an accredited PDCA contractor, our customers enjoy the comfort that they have chosen a certified professional. Kevin is also the current PDCA Chapter President for this area.

Legacy Painting - Professional & Reliable
Legacy Painting – Professional & Reliable

Please call today for a free quote or if you have any questions about our services. For a full description of services, please click here. Call Legacy Painting for either commercial or residential paint services – (405) 286-5163 or contact us.

We know people are entrusting their homes to us, so we work hard to make sure they are happy!